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Bringing the world 

closer together through

 media translation and 

creative content delivery

Media Translation


The media translation process is complex and can feel overwhelming.  With EDXT, we've simplified and evolved the translation process with cutting edge cloud based technology.



Work from anywhere in the world with anyone in the world! Our cloud based software solutions make content management, conversion, and translation lighting-fast and incredibly flexible.

With our innovative solutions you're in control.  Work within our system, or allow us to adapt to yours. Automate processes, or refine them by hand on your own - the choice is yours.

Media Translation



Media Management Platform (MMP)


Need to manage your media content?  


The EDXT MMP allows for secure media storage with capabilities including mass import, delivery, conversion, and with the ability to manage it all on the cloud. 

Visual Translation System (VTS)


Need to translate media?  EDXT VTS allows for secure translation of media (images, video, audio, apps, and websites) with full integration into existing workflows.


EDXT VTS also offers unique features such as auto-translation of media, inserting translations back into media, real-time translation of media, and conversion of media into various formats.

Content Delivery
Engine (CDE)


Need an integrated content delivery engine?  The EDXT CDE allows for secure delivery of various content types synced across iOS, Android, and Web.  


And, EDXT also offers unique features such as a "uView" Guided Reading Experience, custom uploading, filtering, and full store / catalog system -- all as part of the CDE.

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